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A platform designed to inspire children through the power of programming.

Blue Curl Pattern
Blue Curl Pattern

Programming Classes

Our programming classes serve as a great way to spread the power of programming to children. Completely free online coding classes! Through our classes, children gain a wide variety of new skills:

  • Teamwork

  • Programming

  • Problem Solving

School Children
Online Tutorial

Partnering with local schools near you

School Presentations

The School Presentations program are a direct way that we impact our community. Every week we give programming lessons to children at underprivileged schools so they have equitable access to our programming courses.

Online Education

Rocket Code was founded with the goal of inspiring and teaching the next generation of engineers, scientists, and researchers about programming. Humanity's future will be greatly impacted by the rise of more advanced AI and Machine learning. It is our goal to help develop the next generation of “machine learners for good”.

Sohan Nannra

Weekend Workshops

These workshops allow students to test what they have learned in their classes in the real world. Exciting workshops include hackathons as well as programs lead by top industry professionals.

Note from our Founder

Excel.  Grow.  Change.

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